Lease of the units

Equestrian Centre Groenraven profiles itself as an international home for equestrians and trainers that practice dressage professionally. If you are looking for a unit for several horses, Groenraven has several units available if you prefer to train your horses in private. Our central located five-star accommodation is equipped with atmospheric 20 x 60 indoor track and a beautiful outdoor track. Besides this you are able to use the 4 paddocks, 2 lunging tracks, the walker for six horses, luxurious solariums, spacious grooming spots and more.

The stables of Equestrian Centre Groenraven are divided into several units, which provides the ability to have a lot of peace and quite in the stables. Every unit has its own grooming place with warm and cold streaming water, a solarium and a closet.

You are able to contact us to discuss the possibilities of renting a unit.